Automatic Music Recommendation

Any music addict will know how difficult it is to shuffle a huge music collection. New albums are always pouring in. A music recommendation system is a must for every one who listens to music for more than an hour a day. I have tried several desktop solutions but none were effective. I thought on-line music recommendation solution were sluggish and boring. Then a friend told me about

I signed up at two days ago and believe me this is the real deal. is not only an internet radio that offers great quality songs for free, but also a social networking system that connects people according to the music they like. You are supposed to create a user account and let monitor what you are listening to.

You can play your favourit music directly on the website..
or you can use their desktop application Scrobbler to play on-line music. The application is very simple and straight forward. I get high quality uninterupted audio streaming on a 256Kbps connection.
lastfmplayer Scrobbler installs plugins for winamp and windows media player which allows it to monitor what local media your are playing on your computer. Plugins for other popular media players are also avaliable. It can also monitor what you are playing on your iPod. Over time it gathers a database of your listnening habits from all these sources and provides music recomendation based on the data collected. You can discover new music that suits your taste.

There are many other intresting features that i am still discovering. Like some cool Widgets which show your music taste. These widgets can be embeded in your website, blog or in your profile in other social networks.

But guess what! WordPress doesent support these widgets. Almost every one on WordPress that has a profile wants these widgets. People have been asking for this feature for almost an year now but WP has not not considered it yet. As a resort you can use Image Charts or RSS feed from your profile. I am using image chart in my Now Playing page that i have added recently. Its a dump if you compare it with those shinny widgets but its better then notthing.

I think sell the data collected to record labels, but I dont mind if they even tell the aliens what artist i am listening to.


About Amit Singh

Software engineer; crazy about music, astronomy and radio controlled aircrafts. Big science/technology buff!
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2 Responses to Automatic Music Recommendation

  1. sunlikestar says:

    Later I found out that it’s a paid service. Every thing stopped working after a few days.

  2. Vega says:

    Nice post buddy

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