8086 Assembler & Emulator

I did this project for my final year in B.E in Computer Technology. I used both VC++ and VB for this project. It is basically a microprocessor emulator with integrated 8086 assembler, extremely helpful for programming in assembly language. The source code is compiled by assembler and then executed on emulator step-by step, allowing us to watch the status of the registers, flags and stack.

8086 Assembler & Emulator is complete all in one solution for coding in assembly language. You code your 8086 program in the assembler, which can then be executed on the emulator to see the result.

8086 Assembler and Emulator Source Editor

This software comes with an advance source editor with automatic syntax highlighting and 8086 assembler. When you press the assemble button the program is compiled generating 8086 machine code. 8086 machine code is fully compatible with all next generations of Intel’s micro-processors, including Pentium II and Pentium 4. This makes 8086 code very portable, since it runs both on ancient and on the modern computer systems. Another advantage of 8086 instruction set is that it is much smaller, and thus easier to learn.

8086 Assembler and Emulator

Emulators can execute programs written or compiled for computers that do not yet exist, which no longer exist, or which are more expensive to purchase than to emulate. The emulator is capable of executing programs compiled for 8086.Visual interface is very easy to work with. You can watch registers, flags and memory while your program executes.

Once you have assembled your program, you can emulate by pressing the emulate button on the source editor. This will load your compiled code in the emulator. You can view the contents of virtual memory along with the decompiled code. Now you can press run to execute your program on the virtual 8086 instruction by instruction. The status of all the registers and flags can be seen changing.

I will give out the complete source code on personal request.
It wont be possible for me to provide the source code anymore as I have lost all my data in a terrible hard disk crash. I still have a copy left but I’m not sure if its the latest release.


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21 Responses to 8086 Assembler & Emulator

  1. yogesh says:

    can u pls send me the this software because it help in my subject microprocessor

  2. saidul islam says:

    i m a student of computer science.this year i get microprocessor subject.i think ur software make my interest higher on this subject.if possible please give me a copy.
    thanx again 4 creating this great soft

  3. Vinu says:

    Hi amit, will u send me a assembler program for multiplication 8086 and tell me steps to run and to give the inputs. Waiting for ur response

  4. arshadbunnys says:

    Good Evening
    I am Arshad from Pakistan
    I am a student of computer Science from Virtual University “www.vu.edu.pk”.I have need this software. Software is relavent to my subject.Please send me

    I am very thank full to you

    My Email address are as under:

  5. ragini says:

    hi amit…..
    i hav to make a project which converts source code of 8085 to 8086…
    can u pls send me d code of ur project on my email id……

  6. carl brown says:

    Software look great. Would really appreciate a copy.


  7. Xavier Flix says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this all day… I’m sure it wasn’t easy!
    If possible, I would also like to have a peek at your source code.

  8. Amit Singh says:

    Thanks guys for showing interest. Have sent the source code to all of you. Sorry for the delay.

  9. Hi Amit, Cheers on the great job done, I am planning on starting a similar project, is it possible that I can have a fast look at the source code,

  10. Jayesh Popat says:

    Hi .. Amit .. I am a Professor in engineering college. I can take help from your software and make my student to more comfortable with 8086 subject. Could you please send me the copy of your software .. ??

  11. Sir , I am doing a project on 8086 simulator . I urgently need the full project source code and all the necessary files . my email id – supersandesh123@gmail.com

  12. Supriya Arora says:

    heyy i’ve got this project for my microprocessor subject. please can you mail it to me as soon as possible as i have no idea how to begin. thnx

  13. Rosario says:

    Hello Amit
    Your softwere is very interesting. I would be able if yoy could send me a copy thanks

  14. ichaitanya7 says:

    Hello,Bro..Pleasesend me the source code,i really need this.. 😦
    Thanks bro..
    My mail : ichaitanya7@gmail.com

  15. san says:

    Hi Amit
    Your project is fantastic and it will help me learn more about assembly language
    would you please sent me the source code
    my email:misteek007@gmail.com

  16. Faron Williams says:

    Wow, I wrote something similar years ago for the 8080 on a DEC. Do you think you can send the old version out? (I would think the current version would be in your sent folder).

  17. ram kishore says:

    Hi Amit
    Can you please send the emulator b’cause i have to show a student how to write programme in 8086

  18. Ravi says:

    hi is it possible to send the tool, which helps to teach students more clearly

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