Visual Flowchart Builder

This one was done for my sixth semester B.E in Computer Technology. Completely done in VC++, it is a visual tool for problem solving by drawing flow chart.

Visual Flowchart Builder is a tool which enables a person to draw flow chart for a particular problem using the standard symbols and then execute the flowchart to get the result of the problem. The flowcharts can be made very easily using the toolbar. These flowcharts can then be executed or saved to a file for later retrieval.

The above snapshot shows the flowchart for finding the factorial of a number. You can see a input block below the start block; execution starts from the start block and when the input block is executed, a input dialog pops up to ask for user input. Similarly for every output block a message is displayed in a console window.

Click the link below to download the executable and flowchart samples.


About Amit Singh

Software engineer; crazy about music, astronomy and radio controlled aircrafts. Big science/technology buff!
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2 Responses to Visual Flowchart Builder

  1. electrojit says:

    Hi Amit Sir,

    Nice software…
    Is it possible to send the source code to to me?

    Regards and Thanks in advance,

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