“Dil ki baat” forgotten song, found!

There was a song I heard back in my school days, in the year 1998. I heard the song on TV and recorded it on a cassette player. I never saw it on TV again, but I had the recording. I loved the song because it was different. It didn’t fit any genre of the Indian music scene of that time, but I loved it. Then we moved to downtown Nagpur and in the process I lost most of my recorded tapes. By the year 2000 I started missing that song and I started looking for it every where but I was not able to find it. I didn’t even remembered name of artist or the album.
So any way, time passed by and one day, in March 2009, during a chat with my brother I realized that he also remembers that song. Through all these ten eleven years he was the first person I found who knew about the song. In fact he remembered more that I did. He remembered some of the lyrics and he thought name of the artist was ‘Saurabh’. After goggling it for a few hours I became sure that the song doesn’t exists in the universe any more. Just before giving up I posted a message on Indian Guitar Tabs (a forum very popular with Hindi music lovers). This is what I posted..

hi guys.. i am lookin for this song i heard in my school days back in 1998 or something.
it goes like “dil ki baat na jaane tu naa jaane na. kiske paas pyaar hi paar hai tu na jane na” the interlude is like “hum dost hain magar tujh ko kya pata hai, is dosti ki wajah hai mera pyaar.”

i think the name of the artist is saurabh. i need this song. i have been looking for it every where since last 3 years :(. plz help me.

After posting that message I decided to forget about the song altogether.
Nothing happened for a year. Then suddenly, yesterday, I got an email saying someone has replied my message. I returned to the forum to check my post and found this:
How I found the forgotten song “Dil Ki Baat” by “Shidharth Dingra”

With the correct artist and album name I was able to find the song on iTunes. I had the albums page in front of me but still was thinking this is not that album, not that song. All these doubts were shattered as soon as I clicked the preview track button. It was all goose bumps, nostalgia and chills through spine feeling. I was listening to that sound after twelve years.

Friends Forever Dil Ki Baat by Shidharth DingraSo finally I found the song, and here is the info I was looking for all these years.
Song: Dil Ki Baat
Artist: Shidharth Dingra
Album: Friends Forever

Preview on Amazon.

I have tried searching for a way to contact Shidharth so that I can thank him for such beautiful music. But the guy has no trace on the internet, no facebook account, no blog, nothing.
If any one finds any info about the artist; do let me know.

Edit: I have uploaded this song on youtube and have been able to get in touch with the artist because of it, pretty cool huh!


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14 Responses to “Dil ki baat” forgotten song, found!

  1. Hey Amit,

    I had been looking for this song too. Sadly, I use linux & the itunes does not come for linux yet. Can you send dil ki baat song to me via email if you have it.


  2. Hey I got the song from youtube. Guess you only uploaded it. I have tweeted about you @pocha . Thanks man. You seriously rock 🙂

  3. While in Stockholm for two years, she worked with numerous producers and due to lack of money as the contracts she had gained previously were unsuccessful, she ate nothing but rice for three months when she lived in an abandoned house during winter and slept on a cot .

  4. Aman Singh says:

    Hi Amit thanks a lot I was also looking for this song for so many years and I am listening it after 15 years. Thanks man! I am feeling so emotional right now this song reminds me of my school days. Those days were soo Beautiful!! Thanks Again!

  5. Bhushan Naik says:

    +1 me. school days they were. I was looking for this song too :). had tried googleing it earlier but no results. this time I typed ‘dil ke baat + na jaane na’ and I got the first link for this page :). one scene in the video of this song I remember is that I think the vehicle Sumo was shown in it. Hey Amit u said that u were able to get in touch with this artist. So can we somehow get the video of this song?
    Thank you Amit for helping me get those old feelings associated with this song 🙂

  6. CHIRANTH says:

    Hi there,

    I am chiranth, mine also same story as yours, I always missing this song, but not able to find the artist or this song in google, I had heard this in my collage days, thanks a lot I found this song thru your post. I think I awaited for more than 10 years to find this song.

    Thanks and regards


  7. avishkar says:

    Ohhh my god. I mn m I dreaming or wht. Thanks a million sunlikestar and reshmarama .dude fr ths song I W’s dying hrd 2 gt it since I W’s in school too. Ohh man u guys rock. I am 35 now with wife n 2 children but seriously dude I u think this sunlikestar is saying my story dude wht he posted on code jotter. N my wife you to ask me whn I use to sing ths song. And she loved it too. BT never knew whu W’s the singer. Man today finally got it. Thanks thanks a million time people. Words r nt enough 2 express it guys. Love u music lovers . Lov u a loooooooot.

  8. avishkar says:

    Can any one tell me how to download this as mp3 song. And as well how to download video too as I cn directly save in my gallery. M not getting ne idea. Guys hlp me out.

      • avishkar says:

        Guys same like this song do nebody know this old song too, it goes as : Kab tak rahunga ,u besahara. , ek roz merI kismat ka tara, mujpe taras khaegaaaa , oho mera bhi din aegaaa.

        Guys plz plz Plz hlp me to find the artist of ths song and as well how 2 download it.

  9. Somil says:

    Love u buddy. I suddenly remembered this song after so many years today and was searching when i stumbled on your post. Three cheers for pop era!!

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