Twenty Ten, new default theme for WordPress

Just noticed that the Twenty Ten theme is up on I have been waiting for this for a long time now.

The theme is clean and sharp like the famous misty looks theme. How ever the most attractive feature for me is width of the content column. Unlike most themes, this one has a wide content column, so now all my images fit in nicely. I think it has 650px column width. I wish it had a 700px content column or customizable column width.

You can put your widgets on the right sidebar as well as the footer. And I must say, the footer is exceptionally clean.

Another good thing about this theme is the theme options. You can customize the background and header according to your liking. And surprisingly this is just about enough to give you blog a unique identity.

The theme also has other common options like threaded-comments, sticky-post, translation-ready, microformats, rtl-language-support etc.
This theme is a breeze of fresh air after the frustrations I had with the Under the Influence theme. That theme is great with lots of options but it has bugs and such. Any ways all I wanted was a wider content column and clean interface. And I think this theme is all that. Although Twenty Ten is a replacement for Kubrick as the default theme; I thing it sort of competes with Misty Looks and Dark Wood theme. And this one is definitely going to give new ideas to the theme developers, so we can expect more such themes in the future.

Tip: You can put a Home link button on the navigation bar.
This theme doesn’t have a home link on the page navigation bar, but we can add one with a simple trick. Just add a new blank page and put the title in the title box as give below

<a href="">Home </a>

Just don’t forget to put a space after the word Home, it should be “Home “.
Replace the link with your blogs link and you done. You can keep content of the page blank.

They have fixed this problem now, so you don’t have to add a home link yourself.

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23 Responses to Twenty Ten, new default theme for WordPress

  1. kendylau says:

    I love the background changing option ::).

  2. enderbyeye says:

    Tried to use a custom header image, but it only gets as far as the ‘preview’. When I save it, the screen returns me to the upload stage and one of the default backgrounds appears ‘checked’ …viewing the site then shows me the default header image – not the custom one I uploaded! (My custom image is 940 x 198 as advised) I do like this theme but really need to display my own header.

  3. Anthony Watts says:

    Finally got it working on my site, thanks!

    Do you know of any way to reorder the menu items? The appear in order of creation. I had to edit and duplicate my “About” page to get “Home” into the left position.

    • Amit Singh says:

      You are welcome Anthony .
      To order the page just edit it. On your edit page, on the right side there is a tab called Attribute, in the Attribute scroll down and you will find a small box called Order. Just put in the order of the page in that box. Put 1 for the page you want first on the navigation bar. Now edit the next page and put in the order for that page also. If you want this page to appear second just put in 2 in the Order box. You will have to edit all pages like this as the default value for Order box is 0 hence any new page you add will come up first on the navigation bar.

  4. Ric Werme says:

    Heh – this is interesting. I’ve never posted here, but the Name/Email/Website are prepopulated, just like they aren’t at WUWT on this old Konqueror.

    However, that’s not why I’m posting. On your home link trick above, you’re ending the command with <a>, you want </a>.

    Apologies in advance if I post a couple tests later to see if the N/E/W stays prefilled.

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you SOOO much for the tip about the Home page!! I’m new to the blogging world and was putting together a blog for my company when I realized that there wasn’t a Home link!! Thanks again!!

  6. Raj.. says:

    yew seem to be a mastermind..could you help me with The new theme : Structure

    i have been trying to remove the huge white box ( which in this page is an image of red chairs in a room) on the home page…help me!!!

    • Amit Singh says:

      I am sorry but the box is there to stay. It shows featured image from your featured post whose title is shown at the top.

      To set a featured image, you click the “Add an Image” button or the “Set featured image” tab of the Featured Image module (on the post editor screen), select from computer, upload, click “Use as featured image”, wait till it saves, close box.

      Keep the the images size 620×380 pixels or they get distorted.

  7. kasiakowa says:

    Well, I like this new theme you’re talking about, it looks nice and clear. And as you said, theme options are good. Wow, I even didn’t know I can change my background while using this theme 😀 It’s really useful, maybe I’ll use it on my blog in the future 🙂

  8. Gabriel... says:

    …when I switched from Cutline to Twenty Ten the “Inactive Widget” area filled up with about 200 empty text widgets. I made the same switch with another of my blogs and the same thing happened. I notified WP support not too long ago but haven’t heard back yet.

  9. Gabriel... says:

    Because there’s 200+ of them, and they’re not easy to get rid of… it took twenty minutes just to knock off sixty of them — open each one, click delete, wait, repeat 200+ times. I’ve switched themes before and nothing like this has ever happened, and I’m pretty sure if it happened regularly the Forum would be lit up, but I do know it happened at least twice.

    • Amit Singh says:

      Now thats a problem! The only thing i can suggest is try switching to different themes and then switching back to Twenty Ten. May be this will reset the widget area.

  10. jacquie says:

    I love Twenty Ten! This might seem like a pretty basic question but I’m fairly new to doing my own set up: I want to have a list of links to my favourite art websites in the right sidebar. Which widget would I use? I’ve tried to configure the ‘links’ one but can’t figure out how to set it up. Maybe I have to use something else?

    • Amit Singh says:

      The links widget is the correct one, but you need to add some links in the links section. Links section is in your admin panel (right sidebar menu) below the media section. Just add the links there and they will be displayed in the links widget on your blog.

  11. Tim says:

    It looks like they’ve now added a Home page to the theme (which is good). I just had to delete the home page that I created, otherwise there were 2 Home page links in the navigation bar.

    Speaking of, do you know if there’s a way to make it so that there’s a drop down menu, but the 1st item (that’s on the navigation bar) isn’t linked to anything, except to show the drop down menu that have linked pages?

    • Amit Singh says:

      I had to delete mine to. I am glad they are actively addressing the problems people are facing.
      I get what you are trying to do with the drop down menu, but I am afraid it cannot be done without modifying the source files, which obviously we don’t have access to. Self hosted guys do this kind of stuff all the time.

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