Moon and Venus

Last night I took a picture of the Moon with Venus just above the horizon. The picture has lots of noise and is in no way a good capture of the Moon. But considering the fact that it was taken with point and shoot camera, I think it’s wonderful that i was able to capture Venus in this image.

Moon and Venus

Picture of Moon and Venus taken with a point and shoot camera.


About Amit Singh

Software engineer; crazy about music, astronomy and radio controlled aircrafts. Big science/technology buff!
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2 Responses to Moon and Venus

  1. anatrenas says:

    you’re lucky you got to see it. i missed it! it was cloudy where i was. just saw it in friend’s photos that evening.

    • Amit Singh says:

      Yes I was lucky, generally the city lights and pollution block out such astronomical events. I guess that was not enough to block out the ever bright Venus :). Wish I had a better camera.

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